Avena Plumbing & Drainage began providing plumbing and drainage services here on the Sunshine Coast in 2001. Since then land sizes have definitely changed to suit the population growth and peoples’ lifestyles.

Having our own excavator machine working with plumbers & drainers has meant that we have always kept abreast of safety procedures and site management to ensure that effective and safe completion of every job. The challenges have been there and we have learned from them. Land sizes are smaller and homes are able to be build with zero boundary. This makes a solid challenge which we are happy to meet and accept.


The priority now is that our Plumbers & Drainers stop and assess each job before they start. They are expected to compile the best action plan to make sure the job is finished safely and correctly. Avena Plumbing & Drainage is all about safety first and have put together our own Workplace Safety Plan and Risk Assessment to ensure that all our procedures are in accordance with the Act and that they are adhered to and effective.


In the after we are mindful to make the time to gather relevant information and assess the risks involved on each project. This will enable our team to better themselves moving forward to the next project.