Time Management

Everyone has some kind of time management system in place. Sometimes we don’t even realise it. Here are ways of making each day effective and achievable.

I have committed to working full time with children at home so my time management is really important to our plumbing business.

The following strategies are helpful:-

  • Start your day with a clear focus
  • Have a to do list
  • Focus on high-value activities
  • Minimise interruptions
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Limit multi tasking
  • Review each day

A clear focus:  helps us manage what we need to achieve each day and what will make the rest of the week more achievable.

A list of things to to: makes all tasks appear clearer at the start of each day and if listed by importance then hopefully nothing is forgotten.

Focusing on our high value activities: means that we are keeping the business moving forward each day.

Minimising interruptions: is a great idea in theory. First of all I struggled with this last year. It finally got to the point where I had to re-evaluated how I could use my time more efficiently. Seems like the possibility of less interruptions working with children is practically impossible. This year as a result I have put in place a time management plan. Starting my working day a little earlier and so far everything is running very smoothly.

Stop procrastinating: is all well & good for some of us you say! This is just about getting the job done, there is no “too hard basket” in an office and everything on the bottom of the list eventually needs to be finished. Find time for these projects otherwise they will weight you down.

Limiting multi-tasking: is another great idea although I am the master of this when in the home our Plumbing office needs to be run with absolute focus and the ability to start something and finish it in the same sitting is very important.

Reviewing each day: even if only in your mind after each day this will help move onto the next day with a clear focus.

A time management plan each day helps me manage our Sunshine Coast Plumbers and their workload and priority’s.

Whilst I get to stay in the office each day our Sunshine Coast Plumbers have to manage their time outside of the office to completing the job on site, managing travel on the roads and then there are plans, quotes and house keeping to be done in the office.  If I can manage my time using systems then I am better able to assist when the Plumbers get to the office so everyone is organised for the better of the business.

Time managements is also important for our families. We need to work to live not live to work. Every special person in our lives needs a little of our time each day, one on one. If this isn’t given then the balance gets put off and things all seem to get a little harder. A happy balanced family makes for a more efficient business.

As I write this I realise that its not always possible to manage every single day so I figure that I need to simply keep trying to do my best each and every day in the hope that everyone around me will keep me centered and happy to manage the next day and it’s list of things to do!