Knowing the Tricks Of The Trade

Tricks are useful things each professional learns along the way. The more time you spend in a profession the more tricks you learn. They become a handy tool when assessing different projects or problems in the workplace.

Obviously knowing the Act or Code requirements in each profession is imperative to success however some tricks learnt along the way can be very useful.

Recently our Apprentice went to a job site to fix some leaking taps. When turning off the water pump to the site he noticed a damp area near the water tanks. Because he has already learned some simple tricks of the plumbing trade he knew this was not a good sign. Upon further inspection and a little digging a water leak in the pipework was found and repaired. This small  observation saved our customers money, time and obviously water!

Helpful Hints

  • Always keep an eye out for dampness on the ground. A leak can be detected quickly and then easily repaired by your Plumber. This is important as it can eliminate massive loss of water and definitely save you time and money.
  • Keep an ear out for dripping water. I have found many a time where a garden tap hasn’t been turned off properly and this leads to the loss of water and also electricity as the water pump will keep kicking in. Even where there is town water a dripping tap will be noticed on your next water bill!
  • Fix problems quickly. If you have a plumbing problem around the home you are much better off calling the Plumber in to fix it quickly and professionally. A lot of people think they should fix it to save money however its not a massive expense to get the expert plumber in to fix things for you. They have the tricks of the trade in their belt and you don’t have to worry.

Even if your not sure about something it pays to make a call to your Plumber to discuss the situation.

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