The Future

Avena Plumbing & Drainage looks forward to the future. Most importantly the focus is to grow with the Sunshine Coast. Above all offering professional quality Plumbing & Drainage services wherever our community requires.

Currently the building industry is moving towards the future. There are wonderful extensive plans for the housing, business and industrial sectors. We are proud and excited to be a part of that.

Furthermore the emphasis being on the future incorporating sustainability and environmental improvement. Customers now have better planning and more innovative building options.

Some innovations that could spell the future for eco-plumbing solutions.

Lowering water usage

Excessive water usage, at one point, seemed to be such a natural thing. Not anymore.  Several innovations have been made to significantly lower the use of water. These are just some of them:

  • Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters need tanks to hold the heated water. One of the innovations is going tankless. This is a new kind of water heater that quickly heats water when you use it, and stops heating when stop using it. Therefore saving both energy and water consumption. These are relatively more expensive than a regular water heater and tank combo, but the savings come as less energy us used keeping water hot when it is not needed. 

  • Compost Toilets

Definitely the future of eco-plumbing solutions. Instead of dirty water being flushed out to a septic tank, pipes can be constructed to direct human waste to compost pits. This turns human manure to fertiliser. It does sound a little off putting but if you can see past its unconventionality. Due to lowering of water usage and re-purposing waste these two eco-friendly ideas are worth exploring.

  • Incinerating Toilets

Here is another innovative idea. If compost toilets are a step too far, you can go for an incinerating toilet. Human waste is reduced to ashes, which can then be used as fertiliser.

  • Dual Plumbing System

A dual plumbing system separates water. On one hand, there is drinkable water. On the other, providing re-purposed water which can be used for flushing toilets and watering plants. It has been proven to lower both water usage and the cost of using water.

  • Eco-friendly Toilets

These are the most common among all that were previously mentioned. Eco-friendly toilets used to be seen as the future of eco-friendly plumbing solutions. Now that they have come into fruition, professional plumbers continue to take the technology a notch up as they improve and innovate. With these toilets, water usage is significantly lowered due to lower water pressure.

Minding heat loss

This has to do with water heaters. Be mindful of heat emissions. Ask Avena Plumbing & Drainage to install pipes for you that are effective at holding heat. It will not come as a surprise that the future of eco-plumbing solutions will be tied to innovative plumbing materials and tools.

Common things that work

The future of eco-plumbing solutions is not only limited to grand-scale innovations. Little things done by regular folks can also make a difference for the environment.

  • Equipment check

Save time, effort, and costly repair by using appliances and fixtures that is in tiptop shape. Brand new appliances and fixtures often have little or no heat emissions and use less water.

  • Recycling

Any way we can re-purpose trash or anything we would otherwise throw away is a good thing.

  • Sustain

Finally, solutions should not be knee-jerk reactions. They should be well thought out and designed to last.

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