Avena Plumbing & Drainage want to stick in the minds of customers. We achieve this because we offer proper workmanship, professionalism and the best attitude. We plan on sticking pipes too.  Most importantly customers can easily contact us and/or pass our business details onto friends and family.

This simple little sticker means you won’t have to worry about chasing down tradesman that you don’t know or trust, just call Avena Plumbing & Drainage.

Meaning of the word stick – intransitive verb. 1 : to hold to something firmly by adhesion: a : to become fixed in place by means of a pointed end. b : to become fast by gluing.

There are two reasons to stick in the minds of your customers:-

1.A job well done

2.A job not well done

Either way your business will stick. Total client satisfaction is the key to success. Besides that a willingness to compromise, negotiate and please every customer should be the goal.

Meaning of the word Avena – one of the latin meanings of our company name is “shepherds pipe”. It made our business naming easy because we deal mostly with pipes and most importantly we want to be the shepherds in our industry. Therefore showing the right way for the next generation.

Avena Plumbing & Drainage was founded in 2006 and has been working with builders and plumbers and locals since then with total satisfaction. Our team are qualified and understanding. We offer free quotes and quality advice. No project is to hard and we will always turn up. Every job is done well the first time and nothing is left undone.

Finally our business is managed with professionalism, knowledge, pride and good solid workmanship. The principle Dan Badman brings his old school values with a modern day touch.

Feel free to contact us anyway anytime:-

Email: info@avenaplumbing.com.au

Office: 07 5457 3807

Mobile: 0459 533 162

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