Avena Plumbing & Drainage would like you to take advantage. Take advantages of our:-


“Expert skill or knowledge in a particular field”.
Plumbing & Drainage is our forte. For that reason it is important that we offer the best quality service and workmanship. Most importantly so customers feel the difference and notice the results instantly. You can rely on our professional attitude, pride in all work done. Good and helpful advice matching ideas to suit every individual job.


“Practical contact with and observation of facts or events”.

Above all having over 25 years experience instills confidence. Because everything learned along our journey is to your advantage. For the reason that business related skills and customer relations combined with Plumbing & Drainage solutions are ready for the taking.


“The quality of being outstanding or extremely good”.

Most importantly our offer to you is simply to experience our excellence and take that advantage. Find yourself immersed in our great team of tradesman and most certainly you won’t ever let go.

As a result of capable ability to manage our affairs this simply allows you to manage yours. Consequently we can focus on you, the customer first. Hence bringing you up to date professional ideas and valued opinions. You can rely on us to be honest and reliable every time.

Avena Plumbing & Drainage was founded in 2006. Furthermore working with builders and plumbers and locals since then with total satisfaction. Above all our team are qualified and understanding. We offer free quotes and quality advice. No project is to hard and we will always turn up. Every job is done well the first time and nothing is left undone.

Finally, our business is managed with professionalism, knowledge, pride and good solid workmanship. We offer old school values with a modern day touch.

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Email: info@avenaplumbing.com.au

Office: 07 5457 3807

Mobile: 0459 533 162

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