The Sunshine Coast has been our home for the last 20 years. A lot has changed since we first started Plumbing here. I remember a time when the rain would easily stop the boys going to work. Nowadays the rain doesn’t stop them much at all. A few new estates up were up and coming across the Sunshine Coast but nothing like today. It seems that our neighboring Australians and fellow countrymen have realised we have the best place to live. Seems like they want to be part of that. As a result there are numerous fresh places to see and lots of new people coming to join us. Whilst we are loving and embracing the changes in pace and people. Certainly we do often talk about the quieter days. Where it only took 15 minutes to get to the beach and you could always find parking. Those days are not gone for the locals, we just need to find the special places which only we know about for the time being. Becoming a local took at least 10 years. Furthermore our family is still finding new places to explore and new people to meet. Finding our feet and our friends within this community was not hard. Our company strives to make new families and businesses who have come to the Sunshine Coast feel welcome as people have done for us in the past. The more people that feel welcome and safe the better our community is for it. Seems like Plumbing & Drainage is everywhere. And I am glad of that! For the reason that some countries have still not totally managed to get it all working like we do. Furthermore there is room for improvement. For the reason that, at least there is movement. Above all you will find everyone’s Home, Business, Local parks, Shopping Centers, Stations, Government Buildings there are masses of pipework for an array of different reasons. Pipes for sewer, stormwater, septic, gas and electricity and more are running through miles of underground tunnels. We don’t always see pipes but without them where would this place be? Hardworking generations for years have made this place what it is today. Changes are inevitable and necessary for improvement. We want to be part of that. Avena is an Latin word. Meaning reed, straw; shepherd’s pipe, pan pipe; oats, wild oats, other allied grasses. So, we have taken on the meaning of shepherd’s pipe. Definitely in the hope that we can lead the Sunshine Coast along with our pipe work. An ingenious way of making things move inconspicuously. Drainage is the most satisfying part of our business. There is nothing like figuring out the wet spots and making the water run somewhere else. It can make an unusable space totally usable. Most importantly there is always a way to get the job done right. Plumbing is the most necessary part of our business. Seems like everyone needs a Plumber and we are here to help!

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