In Good Time. All good things comes to those who wait. My parents used to say. It seems as we get older these little sayings become clearer and clearer. Day after day pass by and yet another month is looming. Nothing much has changed. Except us, we have changed with each year. Sometimes for better sometimes for worse. One thing I understand more now is that time is important. Time with family, time with friends and time working on your career or business. These little things require time. Nothing will get done unless you make some time. And if we don’t make time for them, they won’t happen. I think time is something we all live by but do we sometimes let it slide by us. We are aware at Avena Plumbing & Drainage of the time it takes to achieve something in the construction world. We can help by offering:-

  • Time awareness
  • On time solutions
  • Perfect timing on sites
  • Meeting time
  • Taking the extra time
  • Thinking time
  • Time Out

When you are next thinking of renovating, building or just upgrading your tap ware, take the plunge and contact us first. We will give you all the time in the world. Our team focus on what you want to achieve. And how to get you exactly what you set out to have done. A tradesman you can trust.

In good time actually means “with no risk of being late”. I am not sure that works for anyone on this earth however because we communicate our moves each day with you, rest assured you can know that we do mean what we say. 

Time awareness is key to our business management. 

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