Recently I stayed in a lovely resort where the shower head was what my Plumber calls a dumper. After a few days I realised that I didn’t like it. Seems like I was either totally underwater or out in the cold. We had talked about installing one in a bathroom renovation at home and this experience changed my mind. How many times do we actually get to try things out before we buy them.
  • You can drive a new car before purchasing it.
  • Eat good food at a restaurant before deciding to buy some for home cooking.
  • You can test ride a horse.
  • We can try on jewelry before buying.
  • Sit on a chair before you take it home.
Doesn’t seem like many of us would be able to actually try a shower out before installing it. One can sit on a new toilet in the Plumbing Store however most likely not be as relaxed as when at home. It’s not like the real thing and then how do you actually know if it’s going to work? This gives me the idea that when buying Plumbing Products we are forced to buy what looks good or what works for the budget. That is not always suitable, however once it is in then we are stuck with that choice. I would like to give our customers the opportunity to try things out. Offering change of mind for peace of mind. Rely on professional services that can manage a change of mind without any hassle. Check out our Good Tradesman post to reassure you that a good tradesman does exist and you can benefit today.

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