Children love puddles. I cannot stand them. They create unnecessary mess if you ask me.

It seems my Plumber always has a list of things to do the length of the fridge. It could go longer but there is no point adding to it. Certainly these are jobs or projects only around the home. One of those jobs is to fix a massive puddle we have created at the front door. Most importantly for you, our work board is another thing. Those jobs always get attended too and I am happy to say he keeps our customers satisfied. Basically the reality is having a Plumber at home means exactly as you all know, nothing Plumbing related ever gets done.  Yes, the puddle is still there and I need to be patient. The toilet is leaking, you have to hold the button down for 10 seconds otherwise it bounces and makes stupid noises for five minutes. The other toilet is actually loose and I’m afraid it will chuck me off one day soon. The small drinking water tap at the kitchen sink which provides filtered water doesn’t. It hasn’t for at least two years. There are leaking garden taps but never mind.

Our business forte is drainage. We have the eye for water and where it should go. Every job is carefully prepared for drainage to ensure longevity of the pipework. Most importantly if you have a puddle or a mess or some Plumbing issues, you can rely on us to fix them!

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