Drainage is just a really large puzzle. Due to there being no guess work, the pieces all fit. Most importantly they must fit absolutely correctly in every way so that the rest of the build can work. Consequently the difference with a puzzle is your given a picture or nothing at all to work with whereas the drainers gets a plan. Besides that the plan is normally pretty precise about where the pieces go. I wonder if anyone has ever looked at it that way before? My kids love puzzles. I only just saw the purpose in encouraging them to keep at it. Could make all the difference when daddy asks them to get to work! Seems like there is definitely problem solving in all this Plumbing & Drainage too. Sometimes the plan doesn’t quite fit and the Plumbers job is to make it work. Thinking outside the square Think Outside The Square is always something to keep in mind when your faced with a challenge. Plumbing & Drainage plays a key part to our health and well being in society. Making sure shit goes and stays where we tell it too. Keeping water flowing in the right direction. Creating a clean environment where germs don’t have any chance of lingering. Finally, because we know Plumbing & Drainage…

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