Roots are damaging to Plumbing & Drainage pipes. Because some trees have root systems that are twice the size under the ground than that of the actual tree. Seems like the roots can penetrate anything and cause substantial chaos. It certainly pays to check out what trees you plant and where. Our Plumbers often find pipes filled with tree roots. This causes blockages and backup of the sort you don’t want to know about! Certainly where there is a pipe blockage and plenty of trees around there will obviously be roots. Because of the damage they can cause, sometimes we will  first inspect the pipes around the site with a camera to assess the damage. Once we have more idea what the situation is, we can discuss your options in regards to pipe replacement. Certainly sometimes there is discussion about tree removal but that is another profession. Most importantly nothing is too hard or cannot be done when it comes to Plumbing & Drainage. We pride ourselves on always making the time to connect with the customer and figure out the best plan for each job. Check out Time Management and Our Business Profile to give you some ideas about our business and time management. For the reason that pipes can be easily damaged by tree roots, it is always a good idea to check with your local nursery about what plants you should plant in the particular space where plumbing pipes are located.

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