Catching water is important. Water if a precious commodity. Catching it can be tricky when the set up isn’t quite right.
We often add leaf eaters to customers gutters to they can simply catch more water. The leaf eaters stops a backlog of leaves collecting in the gutters. However, if the leaf eaters are not clear when it rains they are not as effective. We suggest everytime it rains that you check the leaf eaters and clear them of any leaf litter. Certainly this will ensure that the rain gets straight into the pipes and to the tank. Therefore if there are leaves sitting on the leaf eaters then the water will bounce straight off onto the ground. Wasting water is not something we like to do. Most importantly, a little maintenance can go a long way. Check out Drip Goes The Tap to see how much water we can waste in a day. It is far easier to wipe of excess leaves from the grate than actually getting on the roof and cleaning all the gutters when the rain is coming. Furthermore, we suggest to always keep an eye on your gutters, leaf eaters and tank levels so you can catch the most water. Anything you need help with, just call us.

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