We really hope that everyone has a Happy Easter!

Staying @ Home

Things are not the same and we are all having to adapt very fast. As much as we want to flip our calender’s to 2021 we cannot really bring that reality to life. Staying at home is key to success and to stop the spread of this COVID 19 Coronavirus.

You are not alone. We are all in this together.

Staying at home can work, in fact its my favorite thing to do. Working at home is another thing but again its something that I do. I am a home body at heart. We are all different in how we can or cannot cope with this new schedule. My daily schedule is key to my success. Solely regimented around the busy life of five kids and full time work, extra curricular activities and time out or time to myself. I have discovered that when there is no other schedule to adhere to I can bend my own schedule as it doesn’t have to fit in with anyone else. Time is no restriction and I have all the time in the world. I can start work at 6am and finish at 10 or however I see fit to configure it all.

Children are precious and noisily insane all at the same time. Certainly my key to success each day is stimulation, taking away any devices for at least 8 hours a day, and asking them to pitch in with household chores and providing them with fun activities. It gives them a sense of purpose and activities that are making a contribution to the whole family. We are a team and if I have done my part in providing some love to each of them, some direction and some work then I am guaranteed a good hours worth of work. It amazing how much you can get done in an hour. Give children the schedule, when you are available for play and when you are not. They need to know that you are busy or you are free and that will enable them to get used to your rhythm and therefore success in getting something useful to your business done each day.

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My children range from 4-12 years old and I have learnt a lot from each one of them. I am good at this and have been working full time from home since I had my fourth child. That’s over 5 years of managing an array of business from home with a whole heap of kids. I definitely have my bad days, don’t get me wrong. Chores can include taking out rubbish, washing up, vacuuming & dusting. There is also making beds, sorting washing and tidying up a room. Sometimes I find that when you time them (especially boys) they take it a lot more seriously. Activities include making of play dough, then the fun of playing with it! You can put out the lego one day and the Mobilo the next and perhaps the train tracks another day so they don’t have  everything all the time. This makes for less mess and a more concentrated play time. Children always want to be near you, especially the younger ones so make some floor space for them near the office. When they get older they will be more happy to play or read or do their own thing further away from you.

One beautiful thing about these holidays is that we have Dad the Plumber at home. For four days. We haven’t seen him for more than two or three hours a day for most of this year and time with him is precious. It seems he is an essential worker and that means he must keep on working. I know people all over the world have lost jobs and are struggling with everything right now. I pray that people will embrace what they have and make the most out of everyday. So, if you need the Plumber we are here to help. If you have lost your job and are struggling with money then we will be sympathetic and professional in how we can help.

Be kind, stay at home & have a Happy Easter.

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