We all know that the last thing we want is for things to break, but how long is too long before we organise to have them fixed? With plumbing & drainage there is sometimes a chance to wait. Sometimes there is not. So how long is too long? Obviously when the water mains or water tank has burst then you need a plumber real quick. Other plumbing issues like small leaks or broken parts can be dealt with later.

Recently we had a customer who waited three years before calling the plumber. It wasn’t a matter of life or death. It was a matter of a broken toilet. Something that was installed brand new three years ago and never worked properly. Only having one toilet in the house is a challenge with a bigger household to start. It is also a waste of water and money in some circumstances. The Plumber literally took five minutes to repair the incorrectly installed toilet and have it working like new. Hygiene is a massive part of Plumbing and we are strictly monitored in how we do things to ensure the safety of our community. Don’t leave your health and the health of your family waiting, call the Plumber if you need him!

We say call the Plumber and don’t wait too long. Have faith that we can help you with your Plumbing & Drainage problems. We provide quality professional advice and expertise every time. You can rely on us to manage our time so you can manage yours. We won’t let you down and we like to get the job done right the first time. This leaves customers satisfied and happy with our workmanship. How long is too long? We encourage you to check out About us.

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