Excavation is part of our business. The machine is one of our most valuable tools. It would be interesting to calculate how many people if would take to dig the same trenches and holes as the machine does in the same time. Digging is something people can do and have done for centuries. Not only for plumbing, but for many other reasons. Excavation is something we are good at. Dan has many many years experience on the machine. Always using this tool for Plumbing & Drainage. It is extremely important to get this part right. When we are building new homes for construction. The machine and the Plumber are the initial team that set up for the rest of the build. You cannot skip this part, it must be done right. You can rely on our team to get it right the first time. Some things we use our excavator for:-
  • New water tank
  • Water tanks can be dug in to provide more room in a yard
  • New septic trenches can be laid to ensure proper working order
  • Drainage for new construction
  • Plumbing for new construction
  • Sewer lines
  • Storm water lines
  • Landscaping
  • Ag drains
  • Irrigation lines
  • Removal of trees and their root systems to prevent plumbing issues
The excavator is one of the most used tools in our shed. But it needs a super operator to make it happen smoothly. I have tried it, you quickly figure out its not as easy as it looks! Something that takes an expert a minute took me hours. Check out One Stop to get an idea about what we can offer you in our industry.

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