Communication means ‘the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking or writing’.

So, I had a date with the boss recently. The telephone line is never closed during business hours. Certainly you may find an engaged signal. You will always receive a call back as soon as it is practical.

First of all we understand that in everything to do with business, communication is key. Consequently our success is most importantly your success. Due to making ourselves available for our customers at all times, there is certainly always very good clarity. Above all this means a job done right the first time, every time.

Techniques of communication are:-

  • Be Available. One of the easiest ways is to simply be available.
  • Always Be Friendly.
  • Strive To Be a Good Listener.
  • Be Clear.
  • Stay Aware of Non Verbal Communication.
  • Happily Be Open to Feedback.
  • Open Mindedness.
We are continually trying and educating ourselves and our team. As a result we are continually learning how we can best serve our community. Therefore you get the best possible service. Above all, we get that if we serve you properly and professionally then we will have happy customers. Even more importantly we want your feedback so we can always be open to achieving more.
Effective Communication Skills
  • Asking Questions
  • Being Clear and Succinct
  • Clarifying and Summarising
  • Being Empathetic
  • Providing Feedback
  • Developing Trust and Rapport

Furthermore check our page on Our Community and Services and see why we love serving our community when it comes to all your Plumbing & Drainage needs. We offer open and honest professional team work.

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