Education has been a big part of home and business life. Seems like we have focused on words ending in “ion” for the last few weeks. Because this is something our family worked on when home schooling the kids during the COVID 19 lock down. Words are important and so is action to back them up. Most importantly never should one say I know enough. The mind is a powerful tool that God has given us and we can all learn more, each and every day.

The meaning of education is “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”.

Certainly it is part of our plan to constantly look for ways to better ourselves in business. To provide education for our apprentice Plumbers. As a result this will enable the team to always grow in the Plumbing industry and become quality trades people. In addition to that there are different innovative ways to do things. In fact we are always open to change. Some of the things we focus on consistently improving are business and plumbing procedures.

Sometimes people think they actually know something. Sometimes people think they know everything. shares some great in sight on the meaning of education.

Most importantly there are various different ways to educate ones self. This day and age provides the internet where you can find an array of interesting educational tools. In the olden days books and adults were where you headed to ask questions. Seems like there are teaching institutes of many kinds. As a professional business we need to always look at how we can help our community with Plumbing & Drainage problems.

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