Getting the job done right the first time

Servicing Sunshine Coast clients from Caloundra to Noosa

We offer the Sunshine Coast community the full spectrum or drainage and plumbing services - including excavation and earth moving. With a strong customer focus we work to get the job done right the first time.

Do it once and always do it right

Understanding the job requirements takes experience and commitment. 


We value your time and our reputation and when we work with you our attention to detail ensures immediate satisfaction.

Old school values - modern touch

Trust is a valued commodity - and the only way to build it is to deliver an efficient solution with honesty and integrity. 

While our values are old school our methods and solutions stand the test of time.

Perfect preparation = perfect performance

Getting the job right begins with preparation.

Avena focuses on detailed planning - enabling our time with you to be used effectively.

Dan Badman

Avena Plumbing & Drainage is led by Dan Badman and his wife Bess.

With more than two decades experience across arenas such as maintenance plumbing, roofing plumbing and the commercial sector, Dan also offers specialised services in managing drainage. 

With more than 12, 000 hours of excavation and earth moving expertise, Dan and Avena Plumbing offers an end to end service for clients. 

"The best way for Avena to achieve the highest standards of plumbing and drainage is to manage the whole spectrum," Dan said.

"I am focused on detail and my motto is: do it once, do it right".

Avena Plumbing & Drainage has been a registered company for more than 10 years with services dedicated to the Sunshine Coast residential, small business and commercial community.

We are happy to talk through the process and how everything will pan out before providing a free quote.

Bess Badman - Avena Plumbing

Bess Badman

Bess brings a range of strategic and business skills to Avena.

With two decades experience as  a conveyancer, Bess also delivers professional support to a local legal firm.

Bess holds a Diploma in Business and is now working towards a Diploma in Leadership and Management.

With a strong commitment to her local community, Bess has also completed coursework specialising in Justice Studies and has secured recognition as a Commissioner for Declaration.

"I am very organised in the office and enjoy managing that part of our business to enable our plumbing team be as efficient as possible each day," Bess said.

Offering the full spectrum of plumbing and drainage services