Common issues

“Sometimes we hear a rattle in the pipes which is quite noisy.”

The rattling sound is caused by the copper water supply pipes and it is called ‘water hammer’. It is caused by the valves closing on the line or by pipes that are not properly secured or supported so it bangs against the house making the noise.

We can fix this by installing ‘hammer arrester’ after first checking if the old pipes need more support or replacing. This can be done by tightening the brackets and perhaps adding more where necessary.

“The toilet is not working properly or leaking”

There can be several reasons for a toilet not working properly.

There may not be enough water moving from the tank to the bowl to clear it out or the fill valve in the tank is not adjusted correctly.

The siphon jets under the edge of the bowl could be clogged with hard water deposits and may be restricting the amount of water flowing to the bowl.

There could also be an object stuck in the toilet therefore blocking the bowl from clearing. We can fix this problem by finding the cause of the problem and then fixing the issue.

“Taps are leaking

All taps will leak at one time or another and the age and hardness of water are probably the cause. It is because the parts to these fixtures have worn out and need replacing.

Some can be rebuilt or replacement parts fitted however it is sometimes less expensive to replace the whole fixture.

We can fix any leaking taps in the home, business or garden by finding the leak, assessing the problem and replacing the parts or fixtures.

“Drainage keeps backing up”

The age and condition of your home and sewer line can sometimes be the cause of drainage problems.

Old pipes could be broken or they could be filled with tree roots or debris.

A camera can detect the problem and enable us to prepare an action plan to fix the problem.

Sometimes it is best to replace the pipes however in other circumstances we can simply clean the pipes for better drainage.

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“I would like to say what a professional job was done by Dan Badman from Avena Plumbing recently. We upgraded our ensuite & Dan did all the removal of old cabinet, toilet, shower heads & taps then replaced with modern well functioning appliances. He enlarged the size of our shower recess & fitted a modern glass shelf in the shower area. We are very pleased with his skills & attention to detail.”

Jason Powell

“I have on a couple occasion used Dan for his services for my small business and for my home, His service was professional prompt and affordable and his knowledge and skill set was at high standards, I have no hesitation in recommending him for any one looking for a affordable and reliable plumber.”

DW Armstrong

“I have worked with Dan Badman from Avena Plumbing for a while now and his work is outstanding. He has a positive attitude and excellent attention to detail which is hard to come by. He has a wide range of knowledge in the plumbing & building industry.  Dan and his team have earned my trust on the job and I am very happy with their service.”