The Plan for 2019

First of all, to consistently deliver expert, professional and prompt services. For the reason that we keep on building a great reputation in our community. Certainly that is our main objective heading towards a new year.

Service you can rely on

Furthermore, Avena delivers experienced and reliable plumbing and drainage services to the Sunshine Coast. As a result householders and businesses in particular can certainly rely on us for:-

  • Maintenance Expertise
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Construction and development
  • Repairs & Renovations

Therefore, you can trust our team with more than two decades experience. Hence providing you with sound peace of mind.

Key aspects of our business’s values

  • Most noteworthy we are focused on getting the job done right the first time.
  • As a result we always offer an end-to-end solution for plumbing and drainage services.
  • Thinking outside the box.

Core values of our business

  • Being forthright and honest in our dealings.
  • Offering a customer-focused experience.
  • We value safety, honesty and integrity.

Digital Enhancement

So, there is always another avenue to demonstrate leadership and connect with clients. Digital forums are open for exploration and besides that we look forward to getting connected.

Most importantly, the plan will be in consequently show case our superior service. Above all to focus on our clients through a range of communication and engagement activities.

Contact Us

Finally, our business is managed with professionalism, pride and good solid workmanship. We bring old school values with a modern day touch.

Feel free to contact us anyway anytime:-


Office: 07 5457 3807

Mobile: 0459 533 162

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