A weather warning can have us all in a panic. A cyclone warning can play havoc with lots of trades. We think today is a good day to be a Plumber. The warnings have died down and the rain forecast has dropped away. Also, the weekend is here!

Some of us pay close attention to the weather. Mostly because the work we conduct starts outside in the open. Once the Plumbers drain has been laid then the slab & frame go up followed closely by the roof. This takes the pressure of the weather situation as the rest of the work can be done inside.

When a whole week of drains is calling the last thing a Plumber wants to hear is ‘there’s rain coming’. Obviously the weather will do what the weather will do but it can make lives very hard. Re-scheduling, re-booking and changing everything can be difficult. We all have to do this occasionally but if the original plan sticks everyone is happy.

Plans do not always go to plan. This is in every area of life. We understand the importance of a plan and if plans change the best thing we can do is communicate. This is our plan. To communicate with our customers. To make sure the plan is stuck to at best or if changes are required due to weather or whatever circumstances then communication is key. You will not be left in the dark with Avena Plumbing & Drainage.

We invite you to make contact with us if you have any Plumbing or Drainage needs.