It seems we have done nothing but break things since isolation began at our home. At least 16 glass tumblers, the dishwasher, one glass window, the dog kennel and definitely my mind. It is breaking news if you ask me. Certainly our focus has been on the world outside lately. Perhaps we have forgotten about our own little worlds. Because our lives are effectively on hold it doesn’t mean that we can forget about the necessities at home.

Anyone else finding the same thing?

Thank goodness for online shopping. Perhaps this is the way of the future for our community. Lets hope lots of jobs are created or crafted for that industry. In the meantime it is keeping me afloat as I have refused to leave the home with children for a good 6 weeks now.

The Plumbers are still working hard. And it seems they haven’t broken anything. Our team is working carefully and consistently to manage all their jobs and trying busily to keep everyone happy and well plumbed.

Plumbing is an essential necessity to keeping germs controlled in any living environment. 

Breaking News! Don’t worry! If you have broken something to do with Plumbing or need to replace or renovate some Plumbing at home or work, let us know. We are more than happy to come to you and comply fully with COVID 19 policies to keep everyone safe. You will be pleased that we offer free quotes, are always willing to discuss the plan. Check out We Listen for some insight as to how we can work for you.

Contact us for a better experience. Stay home and keep safe, we will comply with all COVID19 policies and do our best to keep you safe.


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