Some common misconceptions about Plumbers

Certainly everyone has to deal with the plumbing trade at some point. What stereotypes come to mind when you think of plumbers? Here are some of the most common misconceptions about plumbers.
  1. Plumbers make a mess. We will go to extra lengths to respect your home and leave it exactly as we found it.
  2. Plumbers are not professionals.  At Avena we pride ourselves on our professional attitude and friendly appearance.
  3. Plumbers take their merry time getting to the residence. We know your time is important and our team will always turn up exactly when scheduled to do so.
  4. Plumbers do the work and stick the customer with the bill. Our plumbers will keep you informed of any extra problems they may find with the plumbing or concerns that may arise during the repair.
  5. Plumbers add on hidden fees. We have reasonable, upfront pricing and always keep you in the know regarding your plumbing bill. Our plumbers are honest and won’t overcharge for parts or labor.
  6. Plumbers take their sweet time so they can charge more. Our plumbers arrive promptly and get right to work. They complete the job with the perfect combination of speed and accuracy so the work is completed quickly and efficiently.
  7. Plumbers use industry jargon and make the customer feel stupid. Our plumbers want you to understand their process and explain things in ‘people’ terms to prevent confusion.
  8. Plumbers make far-fetched promises. Our team are very professional, experienced plumbers, but cannot always work miracles. Our plumbers try their hardest, but they will never make a claim unless they can accomplish it.
  9. Plumbers think they know better than the customer. Our plumbers know how important it is to ask the right questions if they don’t understand the problem. They respect your input and understand that you may have been living with the problem for some time now and therefore understand it well.
  10. Plumbers often arrive without the right equipment. Our team is always fully equipped with every tool necessary for each job. There are sometimes parts that will need to be ordered from the Plumbing Supplier and yes that can take time. We will always communicate with you.
  11. Plumbers are rude. A polite and professional attitude is the most important tool we offer. Our plumbers will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.
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