It seems that at some point each Summer the storms season rolls in. We agree that storm water run off can be fun, but we suggest that you teach the kids the dangers too. The danger of storm water is real. Creeks can flood without any notice and rivers can rise beyond the banks. Large debris and sticky mud can be carried along with the water or even worse under the water so it is invisible. The pipes placed throughout our town ships and country side are to take the storm water run off to the ocean. This helps the water subside however it can take a while. Each storm comes with a different tide and sun and this plays a big part in how much water we get backing up our water ways. The pipes can get blocked and then cause back up of water to flood areas. When the pipes are clear of leaf litter and sticks there is massive pressure from the weight and speed of the storm water. This can drag anything in its way down under the water and it can be impossible to fight against the current and suction. We suggest always supervising the kids when playing outside when it is raining hard and making sure they are aware exactly where any pipes are located and where the danger zone is. Any water running fast should be avoided and if you are unsure, stay away! Check out Catching Water for some solutions when the rain season is here! Perhaps your yard or property is getting too much storm water run off and you think its time for a drainage plan. We are a specialist team in drainage and can definitely discuss your options and come up with a suitable plan.

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